The Adventures of a Cub Reporter


Comments Made to the Jacksonville Host Lions Club

       The following information was prepared by Dr.Stratton C.Murrell (Life Member recipient)for the Jacksonville Host Lions club from 1957 thru 2012 in the form of progress reports.  I was invited to be the program for our club on March 8, 2012. I talked about how I had designed DIGITAL WINGS (with the help of the staff at the Onslow County Public Library) which is is a special history link that is a computerized extension of our book ( Images Of America: Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune) This book is a pictorial history of this area with a minimum amount of text. I like books and  I read books,but books have their limitations set by the publisher. In addition to this, publishing takes time and is expensive. I eliminated this difficulty with a computerized extension. The computerized extension of our book is mostly stories of historical value along with appropriate pictures. But as we worked on it this history link became more than just a computerized extension' I told the club that I had designed these stories in a special way so that they could be viewed by anyone at no cost and that I would be updating these stories and pictures as I discovered new information. Many people think of history as old stuff, but the Digital Wings method is actually on the cutting edge of a new method I designed in writing a book. The method is that I can make these changes and they can be read instantly by anyone who needs this information like the Onslow County Museum,the public library, the Jacksonville Daily News,the Montford Point Museum, the History Place (in Morehead City), North Carolina Archives and History in Raleigh,N.C., Etc. All these places have the key to Digital Wings. At the present time I am giving this key to adventure  to everyone at no cost: Just go to GOOGLE and type    Dr. Stratton C. Murrell, Digital Wings. Our book and the computerized extension was the research model for Digital Wings.This is a new method of writing and updating recorded data. There are many options in the application of this program. One way would be to use reference material more efficiently. But no matter what option is used,the basic idea of it all is that the stories from Digital Wings can be updated and added to when new information is made available. And then on March 22 (assisted by her husband Bill) Georgie Stone Wilson gave a continuation  to Dr.Murrell's previous  program for the Lions Club. Her new book will be a sequence to her first book about New River. Some of Dr Murrell's stories will be included because he tells about a most traumatic time in this area when some of the people had to leave their homes and productive land so that Camp Lejeune could be built  to protect the southeast coast of our country. This unique collection of stories constitutes a new dimension of World War II which has been overlooked by the media. It adds to Georgies' book about New River and develops a new way to record and preserve history. Georgie will read excerpts from her book to an audience on Monday, April 30,at 6:30 P.M. at the open house for the Onslow Literacy Council at the  First Presbyterian Church,400 Bayshore Blvd. (across the way from City  Hall),Jacksonville. At this time Georgie gave  me a complimentary copy of her book which was much appreciated. As I was reading her book,I thought it would be a good time to test the Digital Wings method by adding my comments. The first comment was that she wrote a great book with the help of her husband,Bill.It was a good project in that they did it together---and it was also good for our community. She also constructed her interviews so that they would tie in with the military part of our community like Lt. Col. Lynn J. "Kim" Kimball (USMC,retired) and Rick Richardson (MA, RPA,Base archaeologist/Cultural Resources Program Manager).She mentioned Fishermans warf which was a typographical error.The correct spelling is Fishermans Wharf. There were several interviews in the book which tied in with the experiences of several people and their relationship with  New River.In my interview I mentioned my home at Montford Point before the time of Camp Lejeune. I considered our home a Paradise and when the Government took over I considered it to be a Paradise lost. But the rest of the story was about MONTFORD POINT-A PARADISE REGAINED. In 1947 our family builrt a summer home at Mount Pleasant on the banks of the Whit Oak River near Swansboro. It is said that the house next to our place belonged to Dr.Montford. Our place was like the original Montford Point. The Gillette family lived next to us and I have often wondered in what way they were kin to George Gillette of the Army Corps of Engineers. He was the one who surveyed the southeastern  coast  from Virginia through the coast of South Carolina and the survey was titled, OUR UNGUARDED COAST.  Just before Halloween (2012) Lion Jim Wayne sent the District 31-H news letter to all of the members of our club. I sent him a reply to thank him  for keeping me informed about whats going on and then it occurred to me that since Halloween was close by it would be fun to have Jim to communcate to all of our Lions my ghost story about Joe Baldwin and the Maco Light. On 3-21-2013 Bill Lockhart helped Dr. Stratton C. Murrell present his program on WHALES, WHALERS, AND THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR.

       I received my copy of the Lions Club history book of North Carolina in May of 2013. It was very good, but I can make things better by adding more information in this particular title. The History book has already been published, but L can put it on my web site. Actually, I can use Digital Wings to extend the Lions Club History in exactly the same way I made an extension for our book, JACKSONVILLE AND CAMP LEJEUNE.

3-19-2014: I checked my notes and I found that the Jacksonville Host Lions Club met at Fisherman's Wharf in 1999. I started writing some stories for the Daily News at that time. I wrote a story about William Durand Hitch.