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Anyone who would like to write a short story about their personal opinon or experience concerning the history of Onslow County can do so in the form of a blog just like the one I am writing. Just go to blog on the home page and click on "settings" and you will be transferred to this space. It's fun. Write your story in good taste. If you do not do so, just remember that I have spent a long time in making this history link easy to read---and to write. And I have the final editing power. WHAT YOU CAN WRITE, i CAN ERASE. i THINK YOU WILL ENJOY WRITING THESE STORIES. yOU CAN BEGIN WRITING JUST A SHORT AMOUNT OF MATERIAL. At a later date you can add to this material or edit it. If the material is not what we want we can thank you for your efforts and write another story . Try it you'll like it.


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Stories about the Base take over in Onslow County.

Posted by localhistorianscorner on May 28, 2009 at 9:54 AM Comments comments (1)

Anyone have stories they want to share about the base takeover in Onlsow County during WWII?