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     THE  MAN WHO LIVED TO BE 120 (another  story in progress) By Dr. Stratton C. Murrell       

      My story begins on June 16, 2009 when I was invited to be the consultant for composing the text on the historical markers in various areas in Camp Lejeune; specifically the cemeteries at  Montford Point and the Verona Loop. These are National Cemeteries in that all of the people who were buried on what is now Base property were moved to one cemetery. If this is true,why are there two cemeteries? The reason is that in the 1940s, segregation still existed in this country, especially in the South. Therefore,in this particular project, all Caucasions  were buried at the Montford Point cemetery and the Afro- Americans were buried at the Verona Loop.

       Rick Richardson (archaeologist at Camp Lejeune) and I designed the script that was to be on the markers at each location. This script was modified according to the suggestions of several different people. I then asked Rick and Bill Rogers (Environmental and Conservation Branch at Camp Lejeune) to help me inspect these areas as to grave sites and the location of the markers. These markers will possibly be in the specified locations in the early Spring of 2010.

       There are several points of interest: I knew a man by the name of "Grandpa" Scurry. He was a handy man of many talents. He helped us (the Z.E. Murrell family) paint our cottage at Swansboro (this cottage is unique and will be the part of another story in this collection). My brother, Vann, and I were part of the painting team. As we were working, Grandpa told us many a story and one of them was the time when he was a grave digger. Rick supplied me with the some information from Base files, but they were not of sufficient clarity so I decided to look elsewhere. It occurred to me that he may have been a grave digger for Jones Funeral Home here in Jacksonville, N.C. or I may be able to get some information from his family by calling  346-8047 or perhaps by contacting cousin Bobby Yarborough at 346-4605.   more stories later 






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